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With Boeffla-Kernel and it's AnyKernel concept, it is rather important you flash in the right sequence.

Fresh installation

Assuming you are on a completely fresh system with stock kernel, this is the correct way of doing it:

First make sure you are already rooted by either having Magisk or supersu flashed on stock kernel already, or enabled internal root in LineageOS/CM settings when you use LineageOS or Cyanogenmod.

Then do the following steps:

  1. Download correct Boeffla-Kernel zip (not the md5 file) and Boeffla-Config app
  2. Enter recovery mode (TWRP recovery suggested)
  3. Flash Boeffla-Kernel zip file
  4. Reboot
  5. Manually install Boeffla-Config App
  6. Take Boeffla-Config out of battery optimization when on Android L, M or higher (see troubleshooting below for step-by-step instructions)
  7. If you have an external SD card and are using adopted storage, make sure the app is on your internal storage. Otherwise you will face issues.
  8. Reboot (if you do not reboot now, you will get an error message in Boeffla-Config)
  9. Optional: If you have donation code, enter it into Boeffla-Config settings now

Kernel update

If you have already a fully working Boeffla-Kernel installation, a kernel update is just done by flashing the new kernel over again (no need to reinstall supersu or other rooting methods again).

Rom update

If you want to upgrade your rom, always do the following way:

  1. Flash new rom
  2. Flash Magisk or SuperSu again (if you use one of them)
  3. Flash Boeffla-Kernel again


For troubleshooting, move to the Troubleshooting section.