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"Kernel config pending" message

If you receive the following message after starting Boeffla-Config, do not ignore it. It means, something is really not correct ! In fact it means, Boeffla-Config was not allowed to start and apply the kernel settings during last system boot.

Troubleshooting 1.png

Solution 1

Try the following points one by one:

  1. Reboot your phone and check if it is fixed afterwards
  2. Important: If you are using OxygenOS 4.x, make sure both Boeffla-Config as well as SuperSU are is not blocked by OxygenOS autolaunch manager (settings -> apps -> gear icon -> apps auto launch)
  3. If you have an external SD card and are using adopted storage, make sure the app is on your internal storage only
  4. Go into recovery and wipe Dalvik/ART cache and cache partition itself
  5. Ensure, Boeffla-Config app has root permissions and root is not blocked
  6. Check if Boeffla-Config has all permissions in App settings screen of the rom
  7. Take Boeffla-Config out of Android battery optimization. Do the following: Open roms settings screen, go on Battery, press the three dots and select "Battery optimization". Then clock on all apps, search for Boeffla Config, select it and click on "Don't optimize".
  8. Make sure, Boeffla-Config is not included in Greenify app if you use it
  9. Ensure, Boeffla-Config is not covered by startup blocker apps
  10. Ensure, Boeffla-Config is not covered by intent blockers (e.g. amplify etc.)
  11. Ensure, Boeffla-Config does not get any special handling by any xposed modules (whatever this might be)
  12. Check any other reasons why the app could be blocked from startup
  13. Check if size of file /data/.boeffla/startconfig is zero; in case it is zero, delete the file, reboot and please inform me about it by mail to

Solution 2

If you cannot get it to work at all, do the following:

  1. Manually delete file /boeffla-kernel-data/bc.log
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Wait for 3 minutes and do NOT open Boeffla-Config manually
  4. Check if file /boeffla-kernel-data/bc.log has been recreated
  5. If not, the app was not allowed to start, you have to figure out why
  6. If yes, send it to my support email address ( for further inspection

Solution 3

Finally you can check if the app got started by the rom by checking the systems log

So what we need is a logcat directly after a system start (or lets say, 2-3 minutes after it). I can recommend the free Logcat Extreme app to make that really simple.

Below picture shows a healthy log, filtered for boeffla and the first message in the screenshot is the interesting one - this is the message telling us the rom has initiated the autostart of it.

Troubleshooting 2.png

So, to those that have this issue, I can just say:

  1. install Logcat Extreme app
  2. reboot
  3. open the app after 2 minutes
  4. type in boeffla in the filter field
  5. check if you find this "ActivityManager: Start proc..." message at all
  6. If you find it, it was the apps fault and there might be an error message coming later somewhere (I would need that).

If you do not find it - and I am 99,9999% sure this is the case - the rom's activity manager did not start the app at all. Then it is not an app issue but a rom/configuration issue where I cannot further help.